BLACKOUT – In the Wonderful World of UOZ (APP)

A dance show for the new generations
With the support of NEXT Workshop of ideas Lombardy Region 2015

Blackout – In the Wonderful World of UOZ(APP) is a performance with two dreamlike characters, each one trapped in a hypertrophic “cage” made of images, videos, sounds, noise, tics, text messages, posts, emoticons: Pixel expresses himself only through images, videos, and photos, doesn’t talk, touch, and is unable to listen. He longs to get the world into his personal screen and greedily multiply the point of view from which to capture reality; Sonar is a girl with a thousand faces and none, with a thousand profile icons running across her screen-face. She doesn’t really listen to what goes on around her, immersed in the world of social networks, a grotesque character, a contemporary Pierrot who lives and get across her emotions only through emoticons, sharings and images.
In their deluge of syncopated gestures and virtual interactions, they are unable to develop a narrative that really speaks of them. The medium is the message, until an unexpected blackout turns off their whole world. Having to make virtue out of necessity, they will find a new and more authentic way to relate to the world around them.