an invisible hug will tie us forever

A dance performance for children from 5 to 10 years of age.

We are all born within an endless hug; even today we can feel its embrace. A soft, warm, comforting circle. Just you and me, suspended.

We know an invisible thread will tie us forever even if we leave, step into the world, face the void, and enter the unknown. We could change our clothes, find a new path, and become different people. Still the thread will remain intact, even through the greatest distance.

A link is a connection, a ring, a part of a chain, it is also a unit of length in the Anglo Saxon system used to measure distance, both symbolic and in reality between two bodies.

The performance will take part by using the audience arranged in a circle surrounding the dancers containing them within. There will be no objects, sets or props used in the performance and the clothes have been carefully selected to express content. The language used within the performance is that of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and theatre. We want to surprise and delight you with the infinite possibilities in the ways in which we can use our bodies.

We want to show you and inspire you with the expression of movement so that you too can try this for yourselves, or with your mums and dads. We will run a combined dance workshop for parents and children together. It was from these parent and children dance workshops that our very show was born from. Distances are symbolic and invisible thread that ties us to those we love, but how long does that thread last? How far does the thread stretch? And what happens if one of us suddenly leaves? This is the foundation at the very core of our work.

We believe in dance as an educational tool for children and as a language which can deal with topics such as the relationship between people, the emotional connection generated by the physical contact, the fear of separation and the courage of emancipation.



A dance work in progress by ABC – Allegra Brigata Cinematica
Concept Serena Marossi, Luca Citron
Dance Alessandro Nosotti, Serena Marossi
Light design Simone Moretti
Costume design Margherita Platé
Advice on dramaturgy Angelo Facchetti / Teatro Telaio
Choreography supervision Martine Bucci
Music Daniele Griselda
Co-production Festival Danza Estate / Bergamo, Italy