Bianca’s Rainbow

Production ABC – Allegra Brigata Cinematica
Co-production CSC Anymore / Festival Danza Estate with the support of NEXT Laboratorio delle idee, Regione Lombardia 2016
Playing Time 35 minutes
Target early childhood
Choreography and dance Serena Marossi
Co-direction Valeria Frabetti – La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi (Bologna, Italy)
Lighting Design Simone Moretti
Scenery Claudia Broggi, Margherita Moncalvo
Original Music Marco Bonati, Paolo Ferrario ésprit machiniste
Costume Designer Atelier Moki

We do not know where Bianca comes from. Perhaps she comes from a Moon pebble, an ocean foam, or from a butter curl. Perhaps she comes from a crumpled sheet of paper drifted off an artist’s table.

Bianca peeps through the world out of her cocoon with two huge, transparent eyes that transform everything into something else, dancing and changing as if inside a kaleidoscope. Her white world hides so many little secrets…

Bianca’s Rainbow is a journey to discover shapes and colors, geometries and refractions, to find out that white is not the absence of color, but the presence of all colors together, and that a crumpled sheet of paper, if we look at it better, can actually be a wonderful origami.

Bianca’s Rainbow is a show for everyone, with a privileged focus on the young ones. It is composed by “tableau”, each of which is dedicated to a color: white, blue, yellow, red. In each scene Bianca plays with emotions and different qualities of movements that the color awakens in her body.

Together with Bianca, we will discover that everyone has many color shades inside, the trick is to let them emerge!



Full performance

Bianca’s Rainbow was performed here: