About us

ABC – Allegra Brigata Cinematica is a dance company and a cultural association whose primary objective is to spread the culture of dance and video to the large public. In each work, we look for the integration of body movement and visual arts.

The company was set up in 2015 by Serena Marossi, dancer and choreographer, and the filmmaker Luca Citron, with the contribution of Simone Marossi, visual artist.

Kinematics is the branch of Mechanics dealing with the quantitative description of the movement of bodies, regardless of the causes. Movement and image are the starting point for the creations that from time to time engage other artists around ABC – Allegra Brigata Cinematica, for artistic and cultural projects where different languages and skills are melded.

We use improvisation as a creative method. We believe in the power of authentic, unique and unrepeatable moments, so in dance as in video. We also believe that body is a powerful tool to achieve a state of mental and emotional well-being and that everyone should take dance as an opportunity to search his own body language.

From the linear simplicity of an A B C comes the complexity of many speeches.